Dental Crowns - Dentasey Oral and Dental Health Clinic

Dental Crowns - Dentasey Oral and Dental Health Clinic

Dental Crowns - Dentasey Oral and Dental Health Clinic

Dental Crowns - Dentasey Oral and Dental Health Clinic

Dental Crowns - Dentasey Oral and Dental Health Clinic
Dental Crowns - Dentasey Oral and Dental Health Clinic

Dental Crowns

Refreshed smiles, healthier teeth…

Dental crowns, a type of dental veneer, are among the procedures that give optimum results in the field of dental aesthetics. All tooth surfaces are veneered during dental crown procedures to be applied for the restoration of unsupported enamel or damaged teeth. The tooth should be minimized to some extent before crown veneer. After the dental crowns that require preparations in terms of the size, structure and color of the tooth of the person, the treated tooth is reinforced and has a more natural appearance so that the person’s smile is redesigned.

We, as Dentasey, are at your disposal with our staff experienced in dental crowns. We make special preparations for your teeth that are broken, weakened or mismatched and refresh your smile while increasing your comfort. 

What Is Dental Crown?

Tooth-shaped containers that are placed on the tooth to improve its shape, size, appearance or strength are called “dental crown”. Dental crowns, which can be produced from many different materials, are an important requirement for dental health as well as reinforcing dental aesthetics. Dental crowns can also be applied after root canal treatment. The permanence of dental crowns increases with the quality of the material used and dental crowns can be used without any problem for approximately 5 – 15 years. The lifespan of dental crowns extends with providing oral hygiene, regular tooth brushing and oral care.

To Whom Is Dental Crown Applied?

Dental crowns are applied for different purposes such as:

  • Reinforcement of weakened teeth,
  • Providing an aesthetic appearance to broken or discolored teeth,
  • Dental implantation veneer,
  • Recovery of the tooth in cases where most of the tooth is lost,
  • Holding dental bridge,
  • Increasing dental aesthetics.

How to Perform Dental Crown?

Patients should usually undergo two examinations for dental crowns. For the first examination, the tooth is examined before crown veneer and the crown is prepared. The crown is attached in the second examination. During the procedure, dentists use local anesthesia to numb the teeth and gums. The tooth is shaped and the process is ended by attaching the crown.

What Are The Advantages of Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns reinforce the problematic tooth and are configured to fit their natural shape, size and color. Dental crowns, which are effective in bonding dental bridges, filling a tooth, eliminating color changes and protecting weak teeth, also provide the person with an aesthetic smile.

Metals, porcelain mixed metals, resins, ceramics and zirconium are used in dental crowns to enable patients of all ages to maintain a comfortable life.

We, as Dentasey, offer solutions that will improve the oral and dental health of all our patients. We provide special dental crowns for our patients, who want to protect their teeth, improve their smile and maintain oral health. You can contact us for more healthy and trouble-free smiles and get support from our experts.

Dental Crowns - Dentasey Oral and Dental Health Clinic
Dentasey Oral and Dental Health Clinic

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